About Us

Micro Works is pleased to represent virtually all major technology brands. Our business specializations focus primarily around cyber security and backup/disaster recovery solutions. We are here to guide you every step of the way and ensure that you are fully prepared to survive a disaster, and to come out on top. Our seasoned engineers are patient, and will work closely with you to execute proofs of concept that will show you the value in leveraging our solutions. It is so critical to have proper backups in place to restore from, even at the virtual machine level, and we can help you set them up from start to finish. We will even assist you in testing quarterly, proactively. In today’s world it is critical to ensure that you are fully backed up, securely, and ready to weather a storm or a security event with ability to restore quickly and seamlessly.

Cyber security drives most technology purchases today, in one way or another. Hackers are aggressive, and we must be vigilant. Through our exclusive security partnerships we work closely with our clients to identify vulnerabilities in their environment and eliminate them, proactively and completely. This solid, carefully selected security ecosystem allows us to help our customers to understand how complex technologies can work together, and to select the best products to protect their assets. As cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, and networks continue to diversify, protecting your data must be a number one priority. Huge stores of data, cloud infrastructure, and mobile computing have only added to the challenge, by extending the business beyond corporate firewalls, creating risky landscapes.

Defending your organization requires comprehensive policies and controls, monitoring your environment for future changes, constantly assessing risk levels, and skillful implementation of the correct security solutions. We recognize that each business has unique needs and we will help guide you to manage threats, mitigate risks, and achieve the particular levels of compliance that your specific business requires.

Today’s IT departments are asked to do more with less in the face of increased financial and regulatory scrutiny. The Micro Works team will provide technical expertise and ensure that our solutions will meet your needs within budget, and achieve your business objectives. Technology will drive your future; with Micro Works at the wheel, you can be sure it takes you where you want to go…